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How to Make Your Wages Last
October 08, 2016

Many people turn to a pay day advance when they simply cannot meet all of their bills at the end of the month.

This is not an uncommon occurrence, as many families in the UK are experiencing difficulties in the current financial climate.

If you find that you are applying for a wage day advance too often and you would like to feel financial security month on month, here are some suggestions as to how you can make your monthly wage packet go further.


It is essential that you fully budget for all of your monthly bills, which will mean sitting down and planning ahead.

You should sit down with a pen and paper or a spreadsheet and carefully write down all of your outgoings, making sure you include travel and food expenses.

Understanding how much you need to pay out can help you budget any spare cash over the whole month.

Online banking

Many people say that banking online has helped them keep on top of their monthly outgoings, as they can log in quickly to check how their bank account is looking.

The ability to see how much you have left in your bank may just stop you from going on a shopping spree or heading out to the pub.

Choose cash

If you have a weekly budget for personal spending, it may be beneficial to take cash out of the bank so that you physically see how much you are spending and know how much of your budget you have left.

If you use your debit card for everything that you buy you may be in for a shock when you check your statement, to see how much you have spent.

Meal Planning

People who plan their meals from week to week often save themselves money when it comes to food shopping.

By setting a weekly food budget and planning meals accordingly you can prevent food waste and make your money go further.

Cut back on luxuries

If you are somebody who likes to keep up appearances or who enjoys expensive nights out, it is worth looking at the bigger picture.

Nobody is saying that you should not enjoy yourself and we all deserve a treat now and again, but if it means that you go into your overdraft or you cannot pay the electricity bill you need to change your habits.

So, instead of an expensive meal out you can treat your partner to a homemade date night!


If there is an opportunity to carry out overtime or take on an extra job in order to earn some extra cash, it may be worth considering if it means that you will stay out of debt.

It is important to create a good work/life balance, but a little bit of extra work now and again should not rock the boat too much.

If you find that you are in need of cash for short-term financial problems, a pay day advance from Loan Moneytree can allay your fears and get you back on track to start budgeting again.

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